This site is dedicated to sharing expertise gained over the past 25 years by the site's author, Zackary Deems.

Zack is currently Senior Technical Leader, Global Services Engineering with Kyndryl (formerly IBM Global Technology Services).  The vast majority of Zack's professional career was spent doing Systems Administration on UNIX or Red Hat Linux.  Between August 2018 and December 2021, his primary role was to design and build a Managed Private Cloud product for the IBM GTS/Kyndryl Managed Private Cloud Infrastructure as a Service offering.  Prior to that, he spent five years as a Red hat Solution Architect with MoreDirect, one of Red Hat's top channel partners (at the time).

The articles posted on this site are Zack's own words, and share no affiliation with any organization, corporation or other legal entity. 

The insights shared here are the result of Zack's experiences in his daily life, and to the extent possible, reflect on topics within the global IT industry (except where they relate to brewing beer, which is one of his many hobbies).