For those of you not yet familiar with Ansible, especially if you're a sysadmin, network admin, or involved in the DevOps process, do yourself a favor and find an Ansible Workshop to attend.  Red Hat is running them fairly frequently these days, and keeps a public schedule of dates and locations on the Ansible Workshops Page.  The Workshops are FREE to you, and give you a means of putting your hands on the product and seeing how it operates, with a sherpa guide to help you get the most out of the experience.

As far as products go, there are few I could point to today that add as much value to an Enterprise, at such a low cost TO the enterprise, as Ansible.  If you already own RHEL, and you have a RHEL 7 instance, Ansible core is available from the 'extra-packages' repository for RHEL 7.  If you aren't currently a RHEL customer, you can download Ansible core from

Do yourself the favor and check it out.